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    Flexprintjob not printing?!?!


      Let's see. I'm facing a really weird problem:


      Method start() from flexprintjob class always returns false. At least for the last 2 hours.


      And sometimes, only sometimes, when start() returns true and I try to print as pdf, it starts printing no matter what the code is: it prints even if there's no addPage() or send(). How can this be possible? As far as I now, it shouldn't start printing 'till a send() method is called. Am I wrong?


      Here there are three lines of code I'm using at this moment:


      public function printDoc() : void {


           var _printJob:FlexPrintJob = new FlexPrintJob();

           var ok:Boolean = _printJob.start();




      Some comments about the lines above:


      -Ok always returns false.

      -printDoc() is called when print button is clicked

      -In the very rare occasion when it returns true....it starts printing! Note there's no addpage() or send()....?!


      Any idea?