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    Mp3 stream (radio) to flash client possible without memory leak?


      For example: I have icecast server which outputs and mp3 stream, is it possible to play this stream in a flash client application?


      I have been searching the internet for like week to find a player or a way to build once by a flash developer, but I keep running into the same problem that flash caches the hole mp3 stream into the clients pc memory resulting in the browser to crash after a few hours, because the stream has an infinite length and the users memory isn’t.


      I have found some solutions to cross fade sound objects, but the streams aren’t 100% sync so this results into silence or glidges in the sound which I can’t have.

      Link to this solution:



      I was wondering if there really isn’t an other way to play icecast streams to a flash client application.


      Any comments are more then welcome, because I am really stuck on this problem.