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    flash presentation stucking in between


      Dear All


      I had done a presentation which is around 11mb size, 30fps with audio, i created a .exe file, but its getting stucked while playing or it just jumps off the animation effects, i given in it and starts playing from next frame onwards


      Previously it was 40mb, some of my flash friends told to reduce image sizes, so i did it, they told to remove any overlapping images, i did it too, and i even converted to 15fps too, now the file is clean, though there are lot of images, they dont have size above 60kb each, still the problem continues,


      In the Windows XP - File properties - Compatibility tab - i give 'run as' option to windows 95, then its playing fine, but jumps at certain times, without that option its getting stucked


      Please can any one help me................ its very important, thank you