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    Multiple Slices in Rollover Button


      Good Morning.  I'm trying to find out if you can have multiple links in different states of a button.  To see what I'm trying to achieve, please visit this mock up:  http://www.crosscurrentdesign.com/EaglesSales/layout3.htm


      There are four boxes (buttons) under the flash animation.  The idea is to mouse over the first box (Power) and then be able to click your region (MD/VA/DC or PA/NJ/DE).  I have created muliple slices in the different states, but when I goto change the two URL's it changes all of the slices to just one URL.  I need two.  Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.

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          Dave Hogue Level 2

          You can do this, but not with multiple slices.  Fireworks will only allow one slice over an area and only one link per slice.


          However, you can place hotspots over slices.


          Use your slice to create the mouseover effect (i.e., the Swap Image behavior), then draw hotspots over each of the different links. Assign links to the hotspots (but NOT to the slice.)  You cannot create rollover states for the links - only for the main graphic in which the links are located -  but the links created with the hotspots should work.

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            funkstudios Level 1

            Hi Dave -


            Thank you for the reply, but i still can't get it working.  The mouse over slice takes up the complete box, so when I add a hot spot and link, fireworks automatically puts that link on both hotspots and the slice that covers the box.  Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


            Thank you in advance.


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              Dave Hogue Level 2



              Do you mean that when you add a link to a hotspot that the same link is also applied to the other hotspot and to the slice? That should only happen if you have all three selected at the same time. When you have hotspots over links, it is sometimes difficult to select just one of them - especially of the slice is above the hotspots.


              Try opening the Layers Panel and selecting just one hotspot at a time from the Web Layer and applying the links in the PI.


              Attached is a sample file that I think does what you are trying to accomplish. Export it as HTML and Images to test the functionality.


              Hope this helps,




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                funkstudios Level 1

                Hi Dave -


                This helps tremendously.  Thank you for taking the time to make that, I believe that I over complicated my 4 buttons.  With your sample I'll be able to do what the client wants.  Thanks again.