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    Render result isn't smooth


      Hi, i have a problem when rendered and exported a mov file into avi using adobe premiere 1,5. The edge of this moving object(it's a footage of a person walking back and forth on a stage) kinda pixelated not smooth, especially the dress, what should i do with it? thanks in advance....

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, please tell us all about that .MOV file, that is your source footage. Next, tell us your Project's Preset, and then the full details of your Export to .AVI.


          What is your intended delivery format, DVD-Video, or other?


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            JariSt_Ho Level 1



            Thanks for replying,

            1. Yes that's the source footage shooted 16:9 PAL system,

            2. Project Preset: Canopus DV PAL Widescreen (16:9) 48khz

            3. First, I exported using Microsoft DV AVI, and using Procoder Exporter Canopus DV AVI(2)


            I intended to put it in DVD-Video.






            Ps. btw thanks for welcoming ^_^

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Why would you use a Canopus preset? Do you happen to use a DVRaptor or DVStorm card? In that case get rid of it. It is not supported and caused all kinds of problems.


              What camera did you use? Is it really 16 x 9 or only a cropped 16 x 9 in a 4 x 3 format, like the PD150/170?

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                JariSt_Ho Level 1



                Sorry just replied, because i'm in the other side of the world, it was quite late in the night when i'm posting this question.

                anyway, i'm usually use canopus preset. yes, i'm using canopus dv storm card.


                i'm doing the outsource editing, it's shooted by another friend, they're using Sony PDW-530P, and shooted in 16:9 format.


                so, they captured it by using final cut pro, usually they use final cut pro to edit too, but i don't have it so i'm just using adobe premiere, can it be the problem too? should i transferred to AVi files first? thanks for your assistance....




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                  JariSt_Ho Level 1

                  I think the problem is in adobe premiere, first i thought it was the raw footage, but when i played it in Power DVD, it just shows perfectly....can PrPro play and render mov file without pixelated?

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    If you take the following steps, your problems will be solved:


                    1. Get rid of the DVStorm

                    2. Upgrade to CS4

                    3. Import the original material from either the PD's or a hard disk

                    4. Choose the correct XDCAM preset

                    5. Edit away.