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    Problems importing large SWF file.


      Ok, I have created an interactive Flash animation that consists of a 3d model of a factory (3d Max) that has Zooms and video associated with each item of machinery. Basically you click on an area of the factory, this goes to a frame and plays a Movie Clip of the camera zooming into the item (Movieclip is created using 3D Max converted to FLV, each one being 500 frames) which then skips to a page of information.


      Everything works fine as a stand alone SWF, but when trying to import to captivate it will not import.


      At first it was fine, but as I have added more and more FLV's and used "Update" each time I have had more and more errors.


      The SWF is rather large at 32Mb..but we have other projects with plain FLV's that are 50-70 mb in size which have no issues.


      What I guess I am asking is, is there a size limit (in Kb/Mb) to a SWF for import?


      Thank you in advance,