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    I am stumped!  Need Help!




      I am trying to load an online employee directory where I have scrolling portrait jpegs and once you click on a picture employee information (which is a swf) is displayed in a space above.  When I load the fla into Dreamweaver the scroll buttons work, all the profile pics appear, and the intial landing screen is there.  Problem is that once you click on the profile pics (buttons), no information appears.  This works in Flash (CS4) but not once it is in Dreamweaver.  I think this is a loading issue?  On each button for the images the code I have is:


      on (release) {


      Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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          Lon Winters Level 4

          It could be a path issue.  Once you embed your movie into a webpage, any links or calls to load external moves becaome relevant to the html page, not the main movie.  So it sounds like to have your Flash files in a subfolder from where the html page resides.

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            one16thamish Level 1

            thanks for the response.  all of the files are in the same location.  one possible solution that I can across elsewhere is mentioned below.  How do I do this?


            "If you are going to use this gallery for online use like in web sites, then you have to put loaders in each file"


            what is the action script code that I use to do this?