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    Advance Data Grid - Flat Query Array Collection To Grouping Collection Issue


      Currently I have a Coldfusion CFC returning a flat query. The query is flat but returns data with four levels. For simplicity let's say Region, Territory, Title, and Person.


      I place the data into an Array Collection in Flex and then use the Advanced Data Grid (ADG) with a Grouping Collection to create a hierarchy of Region, Territory, Title. At the lowest level of the ADG I have the Person data and that data is summarized up to the Region node. The problem I am having is that sometimes I do not have any person data but have data at the Title level that can be summarized up to the Region node.


      For data where the Title does not have any Person information the Title node still can be expanded to show a blank Person row. How can I prevent blank Person rows from showing up while still maintaining the ability to properly show available Person rows?


      Would using an XML Collection accomplish this?