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    Adobe DE 1.7.1 crashes on page scrolling in Win XP SP3


      Problem: Adobe DE 1.7.1 crashes when repeatedly scrolling up or down in a DRM document. Up to 20 to 30 page scrolling or sidebar scrolling up or down will cause DE to crash with Microsoft error report window.   This is reproducible.


      Document:  "The Official Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle".  Downloaded/purchased from http://www.best-management-practice.com/Publications-Library/IT-Service-Management-ITIL/IT IL-Version-3/The-Introduction-to-the-ITIL-Service-Lifecycle/?DI=582436   Lots of graphics.



      • Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, SP3
      • Adobe DE
      • Intel Pentium M 1.73GHZ
      • 1.49GB RAM



      • How can I send an error report to Adobe?
      • Are there any workarounds to prevent this crashing?


      Thank you.