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    Frustrated with how input/output works after completed project.


      Recently ive been working on a movie in Premiere Pro CS4 with my normal computer monitor which is 1920x1080 resolution. All the editing went fine, Everything I wanted to edit in the film is complete.  A few days ago I purchased a 720p projector that I hooked my computer up to that way all of us working on the film can learn how to use premiere pro. When I opened the project I finished, the preview screen was cut off quite a bit. The maximum resolution I can run my computer on this projector is 1176x664. The preview of the video in premiere cut off on all sides about 10-15%. So I thought that I could just export the movie in a format where I can view the whole thing. I exported it in a 720p format, and when I viewed the video in windows media player, the movie was very small and when I tried to do full screen it still stayed very small. I know I sound pretty clueless to this subject so I was hoping I could get a few pointers on how it all works. It also striked a question as to what most feature films use as their format when they export their movies. How is it that they can export a movie and it can be viewed on tv, projector, computer etc without having resolution problems etc.


      Thanks in advance,