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    Why does Gumbo take so much memory?

    wicket971 Level 1

      Gumbo is currently utilizing 665,000 of memory usage. Will the final release need this much RAM to run?

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Is that for a release build on a release player?  You can use the memory profiler to see if there are things than aren't needed.


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            Ely Greenfield Level 1

            Is that the IDE or your app?



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              wicket971 Level 1

              I am running the most recent nightly build. Pulling up task manager I just was noticing that photoshop is weighing in at 800k with Gumbo right behind it at 665k. It seems excessive compared to photoshop.

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                David_F57 Level 5



                Are you on a mac or pc and what OS, When I run gumbo in Windows 7 it uses about 240mb ram. Obviously this will vary depending on what I load into projects whilst developing but even loading a project with 30,000+ lines of code I havent seen usage even close to what you mention.




                [edit] oops somehow I read 665mb(I was thinking Gumbo loaded into memory), but then again I am not sure what your reference is, is it the size of the swfs ?.

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                  wicket971 Level 1

                  I am running Windows XP 64 bit. I am working in a team of developers and we are all seeing it running around that high. We are using teamprise and weborb - that may have something to do with it but it still seems unlikely. I'm not too sure though since I only handle the front end design work. 


                  Here is a screenshot of task manager.



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                    I'm running Windows 7 and the latest Gumbo IDE (Flash Builder 9/22 build 252615) memory footprint is huge 800/900megs.  Its project dependent and it grows after each build.  If I run Photoshop and Flash Builder at the same time - its downright painful even with 4gigs of memory and and additional 4gigs of ReadyBoost Flash Drive memory.


                    At start up Flash Builder starts at 208megs and then after a clean build it goes to 700megs.  Any subsequent build will increase the size.  The same project under the Flex 3 Builder was usually aroung 200megs (but the Java process was separate)





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                      Phil Hayward

                      Ultimately it's because of the platform the IDE is built on.  Eclipse can take quite a bit of memory.  But you can tweak the amount of memory allocated by editing the Gumbo.ini file located in the application folder. (I'm running Windows, YMMV)


                      My (default) values post-install are:


                        (initial heap size of 512 M)

                         (max heap size of 512 M)



                      Now, I have no clue what a PermSize does, but it equates to more memory allocated for the IDE, so if you want to trim down the max, you're probably okay.  As for the heap size, you can cut that down too, but if you cut it too low, you'll start seeing performance degradation inside the IDE.  I wouldn't recommend going less than 256m on the heap size, and that's only if you're on a system really hurting for memory.  If you've got RAM to spare, you can bump these up, too.  I've seen recommendations of putting the heap size to 1024m for systems with 2G or more of RAM.


                      So, in summary, if you want to reduce the memory usage, replace the lines above with something like the following, then restart your IDE:




                      Hope that helps.

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                        Phil Hayward Level 1

                        While I'm thinking about it, you can see how much of the heap you're actually using, and use that as a guideline to how much you need to allocate in the .ini file.


                        To view your heap usage, open the preferences window (Window -> Preferences)

                        Click on the "General" grouping in the left pane, if you're not already on the General preferences page.

                        Check the "Show heap status" box.

                        Click Ok.  (if you want, you can click Apply first)


                        At the bottom right of the IDE window, in the status bar area, you will see a heap utilization widget, along with an icon of a garbage can.  Clicking the trash can will run the garbage collector, reducing your current heap usage (providing there's old data out there ready to be garbage collected).  You can right click on the heap usage display to get some display options, including displaying the max heap utilized.


                        It's worth pointing out that the IDE can operate with less heap space than the max heap utilized mark shows.  You'll see a drop in performance in the IDE, but it will still work.  Right now I've only got one project in the IDE, and it's only using about 40 - 70 M during normal use.  My max heap use is 508M.  I could drop the max heap limit for the IDE to 128M, and probably get away with it, for a little while at least. The heap utilization goes up as you load additional features and open more tabs.

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                          KenichiM Level 1

                          Thanks.  My max is pretty high - close to 500megs.  I noticed that even after forcing a garbage collection, the heap never goes below 285 megs.

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                            KenichiM Level 1

                            There must be a leak.  Even a rest (no build), I run the garbage collector and the heap usage is at 455Megs.