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    (*) Realtek Driver Released on 08/09/09

    Kodebuster Level 3

      Looking for any issues with PE7 on recently released Realtek Driver dated 08/09/09.


      I'm currently running Realtek Driver v6.0.1.5789 which was released on 2/11/2009.


      I'm leaning towards NOT to install this update, based on the old saying of "don't fix what ain't broke".


      I have the means via RollBack-rx to update and rollback in a heartbeat, but am wondering if it's even worth the effort.


      Comments on this new release relative to PE are welcomed...



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          I have not heard any negative reports, here, or on other fora. Does not mean that there are not issues though.


          Though I often recommend that one update their drivers, if they are having any problems, I am like you - I keep things that work, until they do not, and don't go get new drivers monthly.


          One of the reasons for this is that nVidia drivers have been causing issues in several Adobe programs. About the time that Adobe paired with nVidia (on the CUDA project), it seems that many newer nVidia drivers crashed much Adobe!?!?


          Both my main machines run nVidia cards, and drivers get updated, only when necessary. I also try to retain any older drivers, in case I do have to roll-back.


          Good luck, and let us know if you find out anything good, or bad.