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    What type of content is more likely to cause Captivate to crash when publishing?

    Instructable Level 1

      Until recently I've been a relatively happy user of captivate for creating instructional materials - max 20 slides, audio, images, text and question slides.


      Now I am finding that richer media is causing the programe to freeze on export or project preview. Currently I have a project for example with

      - an embedded flash video

      - several instances of animated text

      - embedded swf animations (a box containing an approx 300 word scrolling text)

      only 9 slides in the project


      AS3, Flash 9


      what seems to happen is previewing the project multiple times gradually corrupts the project somehow and after five or six previews it either freezes and crashes while trying to preview or publish the project.


      The suggestion to copy and paste all the slides into a blank project was very helpful as it did work BUT of course this new project doesn't have all the same settings and loses the internal linking. Result - fixes + previews = crashing again.  Very very frustrating.



      - there are a couple of settings I can watch out for to avoid or minimise this

      -  I cut out the rich media (no good from an instructional perspective)

      - I limit certain types of media



      Grateful for any help