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    XMLList filter: 1131 Error


      Hi all,


      I created an XMLList from an external XML file in flex and have successfully used it as a dataProvider in a series of charts.  What I'd like to do is create a secondary variable to ultimately show a subset of the original dataset.  For example, all of my charts currently show all 12 countries collected in my XML file.  I want to create a new variable to show only the countries in Asia, for example.


      What is wrong with the following code?  When I enter it I get the "1131: Classes must not be nested" error...


              [Bindable] public var allData:XMLList;
              private var asiaData:XMLList = allData.(region="Asia");


      The structure of my xml file is as follows:


              <country>United States</country>
              <region>United States</region>