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    Anybody seeing degraded flv encoding in CS4?


      I'm getting significantly poorer quality using the CS4 Media encoder to derive and flv from an mov file, as compared to the same conversion using the CS3 flash encoder. Anybody else seeing this or have I missed a key setting somewhere?


      I often do edits in Premiere Pro and output both .mov and flv versions for maximum interoperability. When I had CS3, I would simply start the CS3 Flash encoder, add the output mov and convert... When I repeat the same process with the CS4 Media encoder, whether beginning from Premiere Pro or directly, I get a much lower quality result. I've tried to match settings:


      In CS3 Flash encoder - 'Video encoded for playback with Flash Player 8 or higher'

                     On2 VP6@700kbps

                     No audio

                     Encode alpha channel and deinterlace off

                     Quality: High

                     Max data rate 700 kbps

                     Frame rate 10 fps

                     Key Frame placement automatic

                     No resizing, etc

                     Same resolution (1030x893)


      In CS4 Media encoder:


                    On2 VP6

                    Encode alpha channel and resize vido off

                    Frame frate 10fps

                    Bit rate encoding: VBR, onepass, bit rage 1500 kbps

                    Set Key Frame difference and Simple Profile off

                    Quality Best

                    Same resolution (1030x893)



      In the CS4 version, fonts are blurred, curves are jagged, etc. Any thoughts?