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    Confused...and need a code.


      well i have a move clip about 800 frames. and mini movie clips inside about 200 frames EACH. on the left side of the movie clip i want to put an image that looks like < and on the right one that looks like > when. What i want it to do is when someone clicks on it, it take you to the previous frames and plays from there, example. if someone clicks the < button when there on frames 1-200 it takes them to 600-800. If someone clicks on the button > it takes them from frames 1-200 to 200-400 and it plays the movie from there. Also the image of the < or > i want it that when someone puts there mouse over it enlarges by a few pixels. I know its possible in AS3 but i dont know if it is in AS2. Anyone care to help?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What has you confused?  For ehast you describe, you should be able to determine the mogic directly from it.  For those buttons you want to test the _currentframe value using conditionals and direct the movie to goto the frame you desire...


          if(_currentframe >= 1 && _currentframe <= 200){

               gotoAndPlay(201);  // or 601 depending which < > button this applies to

          } else if(etc){


          } else if(etc){




          As far as the button getting larger, what approach do you know in AS3 that you would use?  Chances are it would be similar in AS2.  If you use a button symbol you can have the enlargement as the Over frame and won't need any code.

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            daytona10 Level 1

            when the < and > sign are in the code. i dont mean i putting the key < and > and making an image that looks like < and > and also its not much confusion its just i dont really know what im doing..

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you don't understand what the < and > are doing in the code, then you need to learn some basic programming.  For the amount of things you appear to not understand how to do, you probably need to hire someone to do this work for you, or find a friend who has some programming skills.

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