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    Flex Builder 3 installation hanging on Mac OS X Leopard




      Excited to get going with the tutorial. Slightly disappointed by the installation of the Flex Builder 3 on my Mac OS X Leopard installation. I followed all instructions, ensuring that I closed all my open apps beforehand. The installer has been sitting at the "Installing..." stage with the message "Please wait, Abdobe Flex Builder 3 is being configured for your system. This may take a moment...". It's been displaying that for 20 minutes now, so I think it's safe to say it's not going to come back.


      Looking around for clues, I can see another windowtitled "Flash Player 9 Silent Installer" which has a 100% blue progress bar below a label "Iterms remaining to be installed: 0"


      Recommendations anyone? Am I safe to force quit the installation and retry? All tips welcomed!