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    Why is a file so big?

    DrDaddio Level 1

      I have a file that is over 91 MB and I can't figure out why.  The document size is 13"x19".  It seems like such a simple drawing:  I drew about a half dozen strokes each with only two or three anchor points - just scribbled lines that intersect with one another. No fills, no blends, no life effects, no transparencies, only one layer.  I selected all the strokes and made a compound path.  Then I offset the compound path ten times.  That's it.  It looks kind of like a contour map.  Regens take forever, and when I open the file a dialogue box comes that is titled Progress, Offset Path and there's a little progress bar.  It's like it is rebuilding all the offset paths each time it opens or regens.  Are the offset paths still associated with the original path and Illustrator has to recaluculate them each time ti regens or opens?  Is so, how can I disassociate the offset paths from the original so they are independent?  Would that help?