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    Quality issues when scaling down video in Premiere Pro CS4


      I recorded some video in DV format, 720x480, and would like to use it to create a small internet video with a resolution around 320x240. I created the project in Premiere Pro CS4 as a 320x240 project, then proceeded to import the DV files. I was figuring I could just scale the clips one I drop them onto the timeline. The quality looked poor from the preview, but I was hoping they would look better once rendered. Well, to my disappointment they look horrible--very blurred almost as if I was upscaling video (rather than downscaling it).


      I am wondering if there is any way to scale it without the quality loss. Is there a checkbox I'm missing here? I tried a variety of codecs, including Microsoft Uncompressed AVIs, to no avail. I would like to keep the versatility of being able to scale it on the timeline because there are certain portions of the video I would like to zoom in on, and others I would like to zoom out.


      Any tips for improving quality within Premiere, or do I have to use an external program like VirtualDub to do the scaling before I import it?