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    Automatic review


      Is there a way to set up an automatic prompt in Robohelp 8 that will let us know when it's time to review the contents in a topic?




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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Chris and welcome to the RH community.


          There is no automatic method of flagging a topic for review. You can set the topic status manually if that helps. If you have the Technical Communication Suite 2 there are some utilities that can be used to output a topic for review. Out of interest, exactly what are you trying to achieve?


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            ChrissiB Level 1

            Hi Colum,

            Thanks for responding so quickly.  I am new to Robohelp 8 and appreciate the feedback. Well currently we have 27 projects and some contain over 100 topics.  The review process of our topics up to this point has been non-existent and basically certain topics get reviewed when there is an urgent business need.  I am curious as to how others review their topics when they are dealing with mulitple projects with multiple topics.  I've inherited this project and I'm looking for best business practice.

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              RoboColum(n) Level 5

              We output to a shared location and use a spreadhseet to list the areas to be reviewed. We then have an internal process (using Sharepoint) that creates a task for someone to review the spreadsheet. Once reviewed they update the spreadsheet with comments and complete the task which informs us. We don't use the topic status at all. It works for us but no doubt may not work for others. There are probabaly a myriad of methods used out there.


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