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    nativeWindow.stage positioning


      At the beginning of my application I call nativeWindow.maximize() and go on to load data and then add a view to nativeWindow.stage. Though it does add it does not appear to be at 0,0. When I check the x position of the added element it returns as 0. Any idea as to why I cannot position this view at the very left-top of the window?



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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          What is your nativeWindow.stage.stageAlign setting?


          If you are using Flex (or an HTML-based AIR app), this is  automatically set to keep the origin in the top-left corner. In Flash, top-left is not the default, so if you change the size of the stage, the origin will no longer be in the corner.

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            embinder Level 1

            I am using Flex and it is set to top-left. Is it correct that the size of the nativeWindow is constrained by the resolution of the monitor? For example, if I set something to a negative position on the window's stage, it should not affect nativeWindow.width or nativeWindow.height.


            The view I am placing is consistantly placed in the same spot and it is the only view I add to nativeWindow.stage. Due to that consistancy I was able to just offset it, but it is still strange that I'm having the issue.