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    Executing SQL queries using FLEX and PHP


      Folks i am facing a very strange problem


      I am trying to execute sql queries in a Flex-PHP application. I am using the datawizard to generate a PHP file, and then i am using the HTTPService component to execute "Select query" using "FindAll", insert query using "Insert".


      Now the problem is, the application which i am developing contains only one table with 20 fields. I dont have to fill all 20 fields in one FORM. Different users fill these fields in different forms.



      Consider a scenario where one record in the database contains only 10 fields (with values) and the remaining 10 fields with null values which are still to be filled by the user. If i execute the "FindAll" method and call send() method of HTTPService component, the resulting ArrayCollection that i get contains the record with some filled and some unfilled values. BUT WHEN I CALL ArrayCollection.length(), it gives me exception "CANNOT Invoke method on Null Object Reference"



      Now why on earth it is thinking that Arraycollection is null since i have checked in debugger that it contains values but all of them are not filled.. Is it a strange behavoior or a known behavor


      2) What if i have to insert some values but ALL the columns are not to be filled i-e some columns values are null.. The "Insert" doesnt let me do that either


      Can any one explain ??