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    Meta Data / Data Code / Time Stamp


      Not sure how to explain myself here but here goes.

      I am using Premiere Elements 7 to capture about 50 DV tapes I have using a Sony TVR27E.  I have each tape being saved to it's own folder (Called "Tape 0001 - 01_01_2006 - 31_01_2006 etc and captured using the device control time code so that each 90 minute tape gets split into 10's to 100's of individual clips called "Tape 0001m Clip 01 etc.  This is all going really well so far and I'm at about tape #40 (so pretty much finished)  what I have just noticed however is that when I come to editing clips or trying to find clips in the organiser I have no information about when each clip was shot.  During capture from the DV camera i can display on the DV camera monitor the "Time Stamp" however this does not display on the capture monitor window on the PC during capture.  My question is how can I display or find out when each clip has been originally shot.  i don;t require to see it in the finsihed DVD however it would be very handy to have that kind of 'meta data" as some of my tapes have mixed dates on them.  Any clues?

      regards,  Stewie.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The Organizer should read and display that kind of metadata, Stewie. You can even activate Display Details and you'll see it listed under the clips. (At least that's how it should work.) That's assuming, of course, that this is a miniDV camcorder and that you're capturing over a FireWire connection. (I couldn't find any specs on this camera.)


          You can also look up a free program called DV Date. You may find it helpful.