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    Image conversion (tiff -> jpeg)




      I need to convert all linked images in the document to jpeg. I have found a solution to iterate over the graphics collection and export each one of them using the exportFile method:


      graphic.exportFile(ExportFormat.JPG,graphicOutputFileJPG, false);


      Then, I exchange the old images with the new ones:


      var link = graphic.itemLink


      Basicly, this works fine. But the images have white borders. I believe this is because they only use a section of the original image, the clipped parts are then left white. However, I would like to either crop those white spaces or take the full size of the original image!


      I have looked at the PDFExportPreset Object that be specified in the exportFile method, but I was unable to indentify the setting that will do the trick!


      Thanks for any hint!!