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    Javascript: SOAP.connect() fail with NotAllowedError


      I try to call the javascript method SOAP.connect() from a self created menu item added by app.addMenuItem(). If i call SOAP.connect() within the AppInitialisationContext it works perfectly, but calling it from "cExec" will fail with  NotAllowedError: Sicherheitseinstellungen verhindern den Zugriff auf diese Eigenschaft oder Methode.(security permissions deny call to function or property).


      Surrounding the SOAP.connect() with a app.trustedFunction (to get an trusted context) will also fail with the same error message.

      The PDF i loaded into Adobe Reader 9 (free Edition!) is granted with forms rights, so the required F Flag (API Reference) should be not the problem.

      The Javascript is located in user home (and app dir of the reader); both shows the above mentioned problems.


      Is that a problem with the free Reader Edition or a (solvable) permissions problem?


      Thanks in advance