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    Index Javascript Error

    Emma SDL

      I am using RoboHelp HTML version 8. I have generated webhelp. In the index it works fine when you click an index entry. It displays the topic on the right. However, if you hover over an entry, at the bottom of the window it displays the error, javascript.void(0). A user has reported this as an issue because they like to right-click on the index entries and open the topics in a new tab or window or copy the link to that topic.


      You can do this with the Search. If you hover over a search result you will see at the bottom of the window, the address of the topic to which it is linked.



      I have tried changing the settings for generating and changing the skin. I have tried it is Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is happenning in projects converted from RoboHelp 7and new projects in RoboHelp 8. I have tried having other people create the projects and it still happens.

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          Willam van Weelden Level 5



          You see this because an index entry is a hyperlink, but doesn't open a html page, but calls a javascript. You will also see this in the glossary and on books in your TOC. See http://www.tizag.com/javascriptT/javascriptvoid.php and http://www.quackit.com/javascript/tutorial/javascript_void_0.cfm.


          1. You can change what's displayed in the status bar by using windows.status, such as: onmouseover="window.status='text'; return true" within the the hyperlink tag. To do this, you have to add this by editing whibody.js to let Robo add the onmouseover to the hyperlink. (probably line 90 and 104)

          2. I see now easy solution to let users right click to open the entry in a new page. Robohelp uses a script (function PopupMenu_Invoke() ) and I see no simple way to avoid this, unless you want to completely rewrite the script.


          The script checks if there are multiple targets (topics) and displays a popup if there are. You can (probably) change the script so all pages opened from the index open in a new window, by changing the function PopupMenu_Invoke(), but I think that the target that is defined there, works for opening topics as well as opening the popup.






          Ps. Sorry for the maybe's and probably's, but I don't have the time to sort this out now