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    Speech agents


      I have been working at converting speech text to voice.  I generally use Paul instead of Kate.  The message used to come up and say "which one did I want" so I would choose Paul.  I then decided to tick the box, "don't show me this message again" option.  I thought then that my default voice would be Paul, but its not.  Firstly does anyone know how to change the default voice, or secondly, how to bring the option up that asks you what voice you want.  Its all too faffy to go to Audio, then speech management.


      Also, does anyone know if there are English Pauls and Kates?


      Hope to hear back soon, thanks.

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          Ashwin Bharghav

          Hi there


          I tried the scenario you mentioned. I am able to get the default last selected speaker when I select "Don't show again" in the Speech selection dialog box.


          To get back the option to ask for speech selection you can enable the same under Edit >> Preferences >> Global Settings Tab >> Confirmation messages >> Enable "Speech Selection"


          Try it out and let me know..



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            Phillymillycat Level 1

            Fantastic.  That works a treat.  Thanks for your help.

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              jloliver2 Level 1

              Do you all use Paul for real projects?  If so, how succesful are you in removing the clicks and pops - maybe in soundbooth?  How about when he mispronounces a word.  Do you then spell it phonetically?  I am considering my options here since narration is expensive and I don't really have a good narrator voice.