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    Problem on flash, cannot play movie error(Adobe Flash CS3 stop working)... help guys...

    xxxheeroxxx Level 1

      Just a minute ago my .fla file can be played. But after several minute when I added movie clips and animations. It just crashed down I guess, Adobe Flash CS3 stop working. I'm using Microsoft Vista operating system. I have an antivirus subscription which is McAfee with automatic update. I think it's a virus or what? I dunno what to do. I got a long way already with my animation on my file. When I will start from the very beginning it would be a mess and it will consumed a lot of time.


      Four to five attempts of testing the movie:


      error msg: Adobe Flash CS3 stop working.



      After several minute, test the movie again:


      error msg: Flash CS3 memory overload, I dont know the exact error message.



      I inspect the microsoft dialog and views the problem, it says APPCRASH, Flash.exe and has several .dll and other components did not load.



      Need help,


      Godspeed us all,