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    Not able to access local path for script file


      Hi All,


      I am integration my application (built in Asp.Net/Vb.Net) with InDesign Server CS4.


      InDesignServer is installed on separte machine other than the machine on which application is running.

      All of the scripts and indd files are placed on the machine (on which application is running):


      When I send SOAP request to the InDesign Server from my application. I get following error:

      "Cannot find the folder for the script "C:\ Path of the Script (.jsx)"


      Please let me know how to manage this error.


      It would be great if I get following doubts clerified:


      1. Is it required to put network-path for the script files when InDesign Server is running on different machine and client machine is on other machine?



      Kind Regards...