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    Animated menu


      Hi all.

      What im trying to do is to make a 1024*768  where you will see (for example) a movie clip of all kinds of TV's (just an example) and they will move, rotate, whatever on the screen, When the user move over one of the tv's with the mouse cursor i want the animation to freeze (I did find out a way to stop animation thru behaviors but it stops at a given frame, and of cours i couldnt know what frame the user's at, at the moment).I would like the TV where the mouse cursor stoped on, to grow or whatever, and the user to be able to press on it and it will direct him to some page.

      Now, my question is (actually there's a few), what is the best idea for that? should i define each tv as a button or as MC?

      I also noticed that for using the behaviors menu i should create an AS2 (Flash cs3 message)

      I would love to hear some advices about getting into that, and how do i freeze the animation at the specific moment the user rolled over with the mouse? Thanks so much in advance!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In order to interact with each object separately, each object will have to be either a movieclip or a button symbol.  As far as stopping everything goes, if you have all this animation on a sungle timeline, then you would just command the timeline to stop where it is using stop();  If each piece is animated on its own timeline, then you need to target each individual timeline and tell each to stop using stop();  If you plan to use actionscript to animate all of these pieces, then you will need to design the code so that the animating code is inhibited when you want everything to stop, possibly making a variable that each animating bit of code uses to decide whether to allow/disallow animation in the form of a conditional (if()).