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    Closed Captioning or Subtitle Utility or Application

    llaferte Level 1

      I am looking for a third-party tool or application that will aid in creating timed captions. 


      I envision a tool that would allow the user to load and play a video clip, when the clip is paused a note or other text could be entered and a synchronized time stamp is recorded for the “in” point for Text#1.  Then an “out” point could be either manually added, or when a new caption is added the “in” point for Text#2 becomes the “out” point for Text#1.


      Better yet a tool that can import and edit the XML file created by Soundbooth/Premier’s transcription utility as the video is played.


      I am working with a client who is studying teaching methods and techniques in elementary classrooms for the University of Michigan.  They will have many video segments that need captions and comments added. 


      Any help or direction would be much appreciated!