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    AE reading p2 files- AE -P2 workflows...


      looking for some understanding on p2 media files-


      am working with figuring out effiecient workflows with p2 media files within my avid systems,  trying to figure out best workflow to move clips from the avid timeline to AE and back... think i have figured it best to simply export a QT reference file, (although i have to use an avid codec, and i think i am loosing a bit in the compression phase)-

      just for kicks i tried to bring in the staright MXF files from the p2 card into AE... to my suprise it works-  BUT

      only on my older machine currently running AVid Xpress pro 5.8 and on the newer system running media composer AE does not recognize them as 'importable files' ...  both systems running same AE- CS3


      what is the limiting factor here? version of QT? others?


      anyone else give suggestions on workflow from p2 files from avid to AE and Back?