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    RoboHelp 8 HTML - Toolbar Button: Email with Link to Topic


      Realized this would be better on this forum than the WebHelp forum:



      Within a skin, I'd like to create a custom email button on my toolbar that would allow a user to email a direct link to a specific file in my RoboHelp project (a Share this Topic feature).


      I thought it might be something like this:




      window.location=('mailto:ENTERNAME@DOMAIN.COM?Subject=Useful Step-by-Step&body=This Step-by-Step may be helpful for you: ' + window.location)




      but that just calls the toolbar, not the topic; the focus isn't on the correct window.




      I have the following code that I could imbed on each topic page, but for consistency, I'd like to have this functionality on the toolbar instead. Has anyone done this or come across this before?




      <p><script type="text/javascript">

      var mailSubject = 'Useful Information';

      var mailBody = 'This page might help: ' + location.href;

      var mailDisplay = 'Click here for a demo.';


      '<a href="mailto:yourname@yourSite.com'

      + '?subject=' + escape(mailSubject)

      + '&body=' + escape(mailBody)

      + '">' + mailDisplay + '</a>'