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    Spry Nav Menu - Please help

      I am viewing my website in internet explorer on an older computer and my spry left navigation bar is not working. Also the main content is pushed to the bottom of the page on homepage. Is there a fix for this? Of course it looks fine in IE 7 and Safari. Since this is a county health site, most people WILL be looking from older computers so I can't ignore the problem.

      I would appreciate anyone's help, since this is on of the first websites I have designed using CS3. Here is the link http://www.eriecohealthohio.org
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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional
          Well it depends on how old you are talking about. To start off I would recommend updating to the latest version of Spry by going to the following page and downloading the update.


          The download is an archive of a bunch of files and samples. All you need to worry about is the Extension that is in there. Then open up DW and under the Sites menu you will see an extra option to Update Spry. Then re-upload your SpryAssets folder.

          Also I'm waiting on browsershots.org for a screenshot of your main content because I no longer run IE 6 or earlier anymore. Everything in your CSS looks fine from the looks of things but I will try to see what you are seeing to get a better estimate to help you.

          Finally, while I'm waiting for this, I would recommend validating your page as well to ensure full compatbility:

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            Ben M Adobe Community Professional
            From the looks of it IE 6 is pushing the content down and clearing because it thinks the content is too wide. I'm curious if that has to do with your sidebar on the right-hand side which has margins on the right and left set to 100px. However, in the screenshot which has me puzzled is that the menu does not show up at all. Try running the updater and we will go from there.
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              katemac08 Level 1
              Thanks so much. I will try your suggestion along with updating Spry. I just got CS3 less than 3 months ago.....strange. It probably is the image on the homepage because the rest of the site is fine as far as the content not pushing down the page.