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    AE CS3 CS4 / Motion Tracking

    Emanuel C



      I came across this little piece which is very interesting and well produced...

      The author was a student at my school, and I know this was done in After Effects, all the little poping animation are simply animated gifs...


      But can anyone maybe elaborate on the motion tracking process to go about creating something like this?

      I know how to perform a very basic motion track but this one seems a little trickier...


      There are 2 videos that use the same process (I think....)


      Here :






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          yenaphe Level 4

          Looks like a usual planar tracking to me Maybe done with MochaAE. But if the student is in your school, why don't you contact him directly ?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            I don't really see much that would require tracking. The simplest way to get there is really using 3D layers as stand-ins and matching them by hand, then build the remaining animation on top of it with respect to the references. At best, the occassional corner pin could be used plus you can of course use expressions to rotate your 3D layers, once you have set an initial pose.



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              Emanuel C Level 1

              He didn't use Mocha, these clips aren't too recent...


              Well, I know that the animated parts were done literally by hand, stop-motions, then saved as little transparent movies or animated gifs then loaded onto the filmed video..


              So you think there isn't tracking really?? How could I make something pop up a book like this, when you look at it in slow motion, the animated shapes actually change perpectives and sort of disappear into the book... Does simple motion tracking tweek the "tracking object" as its tracking area interpolates??



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                yenaphe Level 4

                Most of the, if not every, popups are in fact, real popups, you can clearly see them. So the student certainly have just tracked/stabilized the shot for the elements flying around the popups.

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                  Emanuel C Level 1

                  Oh yaya that's for sure... this was a pop up book made by a design agency here in montreal...

                  They wanted to add an interactive part to it so he made this little animation