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    How to render or output a multicamera project


      I am thankful for the previous help and now I have the multicamera project almost done.  I used multicamera window and went through 1 hour of film shot from two cameras.  It went into sequence 002 and then I put video transitions between each clip. It plays fine in the project window.  I don't know what to do next.  I tried export - media and that brought up a window with a preview and output preview and choices of dvd. I left it on ntsc dvd and click export it put a 1 meg file on the computer, project file or something.  It takes about a second to do that. I tried rendering workspace and rendering time line and that takes way longer but results in 130 separate files on the hard drive.  I don't know what to do with them.  One time early when I was playing with this with a single video file I had adobe encoder come up, but I can't find that anywhere now.  I don't understand how to get this video with the transitions rendered out to an avi file.  Thanks for helping,  I have a book coming from Amazon on how to use this, not here yet.  I find the adobe pdf help file, not so helpful.  Doug