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    Flash Builder resets php include_path?




      using the data services of flash builder 4, I run into the following problem:


      we gathered all our include directories in one php file, that sets the include_path (ini_set('include_path')). The service classes include that file as a very first statement so the include_path points to several directories spread over the project, that contain further code.


      the benefit of this is that we do not need to bother about any directory trees when putting together our project. Due to the complexity of the project this still seems to be a good idea...but nevertheless...


      Now when I call a service via the Fb context menu in order to configure the returned data types I always get error messages saying some files could not be found. The error message dumps the include_path var as well and for some reasons all it contains at that point are the pathes to MAMP/php and the ZendFramework/library path.


      I dumped the include_path at several locations to check. Looks fine in the services when I dump right behind the include statement for the paths. But in any other class/function it seems to be reset.


      Calling the services over amfphp browser seems to work fine.


      I might be just pretty blind, so please make me see