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    Capturing smaller sections of screen.


      I'm a relatively new user - only about 3 months.  Using Captivate 4


      Here's what I want to do:  When a user rolls over an area in my demonstration, I DON"T want to show a text caption, I DO want to show a small section of another screen. 


      So first, how do I capture just that small section of this other screen?  Can I do that in Captivate 4, if so, how?  Or do I need another screen capture product, if so, what do you recommend?


      Second, how do I insert that captured section into my demonstration?  (OK, so maybe this is an editing question but it starts as a recording question...)


      I hope I've made myself clear.  If not, please ask questions


      Thanks for your help,


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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hello Bobbie,


          This should be possible, I think. You could use Rollover Images or Zoom. In both cases you will have to capture the small portion of the screen on its own. It should be one slide. Find the background of this slide in the Library (use the right click menu). The found background will be highlighted in the Library. Use the right click menu on this background in the Library, choose Export and name it, you have your image as a bmp-file. Than you can use this image right away in a Rollover Image, or to replace the Zoom Destination area if you prefer to use the Zoom object.


          Hope this explanation was not too condensed, but I am a bit in a hurry. If you need more help, just send another question and I post back tomorrow.