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    Trouble with Scorm 1.2 bookmarking


      Hi All-

      I am using the standard APIWrapper to communicate between flash and our new LMS (Cornerstone) and adding script to mark the course complete on the last page and to bookmark each page. The mark course complete seems to be working right, but my bookmarking is going wonky. My script seems to be working on the scorm level...when I test it, it returns the correct page value, but it doesn't always go to the corresponding page in the swf file. The odd thing is that it seems to depend on how many frames I have in my flash file...if I have 4 frames, it always returns to the correctly bookmarked page. With 6 frames, it works correct only frames 1-3 and 5, but not 4 and 6. With 9 frames it works on every frame except 8, sometimes.

      Had anyone else experienced anything like this? I've attached the test file I've been working with. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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          Rothrock Level 5

          My guess would be that it is trying to jumpt to a frame before that frame has loaded? That doesn't quite explain why it would skip some frames, but timing issues can often be very mysterious.


          You might want to add some kind of preloader that doesn't act upon the LMS returned info until the entire document has loaded.