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    importing DVCProHD with Ppro/AE


      Using CS4.


      This is what I can only describe as a whacky situation.  Let me also preface this by saying I only have about 2 years experience in video editing with limited exposure to different formats.  Background Info:


      Production company digitized footage (DVCProHD) to quicktime movs files for us to use.  We had 3 different cameras on the shoot (forgive me I don't recall the models), one on a tripod, steadicam, and some lipstick mounted cams shooting P2.


      Now, when I finally received the harddrive I tried to bring in the footage to a PPRO project to begin editing.  Couldn't process the footage as it stated the codec was missing.  Tried to view .movs by themselves, got the white screen (though had audio, though we aren't using it), and the link to apple's components page.  Then tried viewing them in VLC media player which allowed me to view the footage from all 3 cameras.


      So giving up on PPRO I attempted to import into After Effects.  To my surprise, AE was able to read the footage without any problems.  However, I was unable to view the P2 captured footage.


      Tidbit:  after using a freeware program to discover what codecs are attached to each (program called GSpot), I discovered that my P2 files have a fourCC code of dvh3, while my digitized tape footage has a fourCC code of dvhp


      Now if the footage wasn't playing in anything or being imported in anything, I'd request they digitize it to quicktime RAW rather than dvcprohd and be on with it.


      But I'm guessing the fact that PPro is having issues, and AE only SOME issues, that I do have the correct codecs, but something simply isn't linking correctly.


      Any thoughts?

      Forgive me if I've left any technical details out.

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Apple never released a DVCPROHD QuickTime component for Windows, so it was up to various third party manufacturers to roll their own. The result is that DVCPROHD MOVs will usually not playback on a Windows machine, right out of the box. It's interesting that you were able to import and play them in AE... very interesting. Unfortunately I don't have any to test, but that just seems weird to me that they'll open up there, but not in QT player. It would suggest that you already have some sort of decoder installed.


          If you want decoding and editing capability in Premiere, you'll have to look at one of those third-party decoders. There's DVCProHD Decode from Calibrated Software or Raylight Decoder. Neither is free, but should give you what you need. I doubt this will work, but you might want to check out the Avid Codecs, which include a DVCPROHD decoder, but I believe that only works with Avid generated DVCPROHD MOVs.


          Why you can't get P2 MXFs into AE is another issue...

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            Production company digitized footage (DVCProHD) to quicktime movs files for us to use.


            As far as I know, Premiere support for DVCPRO HD is limited to the P2 MXF format, properly transferred from the cards.  Meaning DVCPRO HD from tape based cameras may not work.