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    Freehand file imports as many objects and also rounds line ends.



      I have been sent a Freehand map (*.fh9) which I have placed a rectangular border around within my FH9 and pasted inside that border the map so as to trim the edges neat and then imported it to Library, then drag dropped it to stage. My own learning of Flash so far sees my own maps come in as one file.

      created in FH9 and with no items grouped.

      This sent file however comes in with many objects, file type in library of them is called graphic (a fh file), as well as creating a folder, Freehand Objects within which is a folder Arrowheads and in that is just an arrowhead, another folder Clip path and symbol 2 and symbol 18, one of which is the map. A separate folder called Brush tips and in that is bush left. Parking file type Graphic, Usual P for parking symbol. and so on.


      The map itself has lost the blunt ends to roads and gained the rounded tips, also flat ended pecked lines showing routes now have rounded ends to each 'peck', looking like a string of sausages, all this has spoilt the look and is unusable.


      I need to drag drop just one map image onto stage, but with all these other elements also in the library as separate items, I am perplexed !


      Do I drag drop each one and try and position them back on the map ?  They seem to be there on the symbol18 file so perhaps I dont need them ?


      I have tried in Freehand9 grouping the map and pasting into my export box, also ungrouping and ungrouping until nothing left to ungroup, still I get all these files come in.


      It may be this was created in Freehand MX, perhaps ?


      How do I resolve this problem of many items associated with the map appearing in my Library when my own mapwork sees one file appear when imported and also the problem of line ends going rounded ?