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    localToGlobal everything is 0,0 ???


      Ok, I think I am losing it. I am trying to get the coordinates of components realtive to the scrollRect of a component in my Flex app.


      Here goes:


      On stage I have a component, named Vis, and inside this is a component named Visualization. Vis has a scrollRect of w600 by h600, which is also the stage size.


      Visualization is roughly w4000 by h900. So when the app opens the Visualization is centered on stage meaning parts of it are off screen, because its larger that the stage and scrollRect.


      Ok, so what I am trying to do is find out how much is off screen on the leftside, rightside, top and bottom.


      I assume that would be easy to figure out by usng localToGlobal.  I would just need to find the scrollRect's x & y relative to the Visualization's x & y, correct?


      I have tried evey combo of localToGlobal, contentGLobal, globalToLocal, etc..... and everything comes up 0,0?


      What am I overlooking?  Driving me nuts.


      TIA, J