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    how do I get the assigned user name in task claimed event




      I am new to LiveCycle ES (we have version 8.0.1).


      I have a group queue that accepts forms that have been completed either online through workspace or by e-mail submission.  Once in the group queue, the users with access can claim the forms for processing.  This works great so far. 


      I now have a new request that an e-mail is sent to an admin e-mail account so that forms can be tracked to the users that claimed them.  I have created a process that sends an e-mail when a form is claimed but I am unable to get some information.  Specifically, I would like to know the user that submitted the form and the user that claimed the form.  Although having the name of the user that claimed the form is the most important requirement.  Currently I have an AssignedUser variable for input but it just produces an alpha numeric id.  (fyi: we are using Novell for LDAP login)


      Any suggestions on how to get the actual name would be appreciated?