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    RH7 extremely slow when typing text


      We're running RH 7 to maintain an approximate 1,000 topic project that resides on a server, not locally on a PC (this is a requirement for corporate backups). Typing text in RH has become a nightmare - there was a 47 second delay in typing the words "click to launch"...that's 47 seconds after the last keystroke until the first letter appeared. This has caused quite a backlog of work on maintaining our project and frustration.


      I tried the Adobe-recommended download of a new iWYSIWG.dll file as well as dumping all but critical fonts. The typing is just as slow. We've been using RH since it was a baby but we're ready to start looking for RH alternatives (like Madcap) unless we can resolve this issue. Any ideas out there that we can try?




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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          If you run your project from a server, slow responses are the least of your worries. Wait until your project corrupts or refuses to compile.


          Adobe produce the software and they advise against running the project from a server. What most people do is put a zip copy of the project on the network after working on it. That way it gets backed up.


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