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    Way to go Adobe! GEEZ!

    MixMastaJames Level 1

      So I get my new 64 bit computer, and install Flex... and have an issue installing the new SDKs.. no Add, Edit and Remove buttons on the window.. thinking something went wrong with the install, I uninstalled it, and reinstalled it... same problem, so I post the issue here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2270632#2270632  and while I'm hoping someone can help me there, I search around the adobe.com site, and all over the web, thinking something mabye with the 64 bit machine or whatever... I can't find anything!


      So for the first time ever, I call Adobe support... wow.. can't believe it.  I'm on the phone for almost 45 minutes... and only on hold for maybe 10 minutes total... the guy can't understand a word I'm saying, I have to spell everything I'm saying more than once, he sets me up with some account, spelling my name, email, and all that.. and not just once... again and again.. trying do the "a, as in Apple" thing for every letter.  He thinks my name is "Janes" when I tell him "James"???? What American is named "Janes"?


      Come on Adobe... we purchased MULTIPLE copies of the master suite, flex builder pro, and adobe audition, as well as a few copies of captivate, and we upgrade within months of a new product coming out.  Adobe bought out Macromedia, so what competition do they have?  With all that said, you can't tell me Adobe can't afford to keep there support in America so that 1) we keep the jobs IN America!!! and 2) I can be understood when I call to ask a simple "why aren't my buttons on the screen" question.


      And I STILL didn't get my answer!!! After 45 minutes, he tells me "it is above my level, and someone will have to call you back in 24 to 48 hours"  He didn't even know what Flex Builder was!!!!!