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    Dual Video Cards Setup Question & where is MRQ?

    jens0771 Level 1

      Ok, I have two question. First is that I have a Quadro CX and GeForce 9800 GT and was wondering if there is any special thing I need to do to have PPro CS4 take advantage from the Quadro. From my understanding it automatically picks it up and uses it but do I need to have my monitor running from the Quadro or should I have it run from the 9800 GT? Also, when I render I notice that when I do playback in PPro, the encoding pauses and resumes once I'm done previewing whatever in PPro. I would think that I should be able to preview being plugged into the 9800GT and have that drive the preview while the encoding will use the Quadro CX. Am I missing something here or is that a large programming undertaking? I would think it wouldn't be that difficult.


      Second question is that I've had some pretty rough edges on my output video. The output video is 192x192 FLV On2 Vp6 and the source is 1080 HDV. I've heard that the Maximum Resolution Quality should be turned on. I've poked around and I'm unable to find this and was hoping I could get some help here on the forums. I'm pretty new to this editing thing, but my work gave me a freak'n sweet setup, and I'm just trying to optimize and get things working smoothly. I appreciate all your help in advance. I'm glad to become a part of the community.