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    How to customize quiz in Adobe Presenter?


      This is my first time using Adobe Presenter to create a learning module.  I have already set up the quiz in PowerPoint by creating a page for the question, a page for feedback on the correct response, and a page for feedback for an incorrect response. (See images below, first is the questions, second is example of feedback on the correct response)


      Is there a way to convert this to a quiz in Presenter?  We are not recording scores nor do we want to remind learners what percentage of questions they got right.  We just want them to go through the quiz, so I am not concerned with making it SCORM compliant, I just want it to work for the learner.


      When I try to add a quiz in Presenter I see a bunch of gray boxes which I think I am supposed to edit but I can't find any clear instructions on how to do this or organize the slides in a way that makes sense with the set-up below (ie different slide pictures appear depending on whether the answer is correct or incorrect).


      I also considered a workaround like just making buttons on a page that take the lerner to a certian slide (Go to slide?) depending on which answer he/she selects.  However, a) I don't know if this is possible in Presenter since the next arrow is always visible at the bottom of the screen and b) I don't know how to hide the answer slides from apearing in the outline menu once the file is published.


      Any thoughts?




      Picture 16.png

      Picture 17.png