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    Working with Stills in Premiere Pro

    Robbie Dahl

      Are others having problems applying effects to stills or is it just me? Practically all the effects I have tried to apply to a still rather than a video have caused PP CS4 to freeze up or just crash. I now always put a still into a sequence first and then nest that sequence to apply the effect. Surely I shouldn't have to do this. I am using PPCS4 on two different desktops and have the same problem with both. Just wonder how common this is?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Can you list a few of these Effects, and also let us know about the size and file type of still images used? I have not heard of any problems with stills in CS4.


          Good luck, and thanks for the info,



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            Robbie Dahl Level 1

            Really sorry for not getting back to your prompt reply sooner.It had gone into my Junk mail and I only just checked it. I should have been far more specific in describing my problems. I have deleted the project that I was working on so from memory, the problems I had were with firstly the Writeon effect which I have posted on previously and am happy to use the work around of nesting a sequence, although I would still love to see this patched.

            The other problems I was having was when I used a  shape, created in the Titler , which I used as a Track matte linked to a rectangular shape to feather the edges and overlayed this on a background photo (fairly high resolution) and also used a psd file  that I had extracted my subject from to overlay over all the layers below. Sounds like a bit of a mess, doesn't it? Anyway, my problem was that PPCS4 would just suddenly close. No warning, on "How's your father?", just closed.It did this a few times. Once I had finished creating my sequence, I then did not have any problems once it was nested in the main sequence.

            This has only happened to me when using stills and thought others might be having similar problems. Next project I will keep more useful notes on my problems so that kind experts like yourself can actually have a chance of making some helpful suggestions.

            Very grateful for the Auto Save feature and am trying to remember to push the Save button more often.

            Thank you for all your help.