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    InDesign CS3 program will not open - Win XP - after trying to open corrupt file.


      Help! the program Adobe InDesign will not open up anymore.


      Here is the story and what I have tried. One week on the 16th my server crashed two of the three hard drives failed (RAID) I had the two replaced. Since then all seamed to be ok but few of files were missing and some that I tried to open would crash InDesign I assume that the files got corrupt from the HD's going bad. Server kept telling me to run CHKDSK utility. I ran it and and some of the files reappeared. Today, thinking that the Chkdsk utility had fixed the bad files I tried to open one of the files that caused InDesign to crash and it crashed again.


      Now I cannot open InDesign at all when I try to launch InDesign within 3-4 seconds Adobe will crash!  Reboot and try again same thing.


      I tried to delete the files in the Recovery folder thinking it was trying to open the corrupted file that it last tried to open. Same thing.


      I moved the preference folder to the desk top thinking that it might have been causing the problem - no change.


      I reinstalled InDesign over top of the existing program (did not uninstall first) rebooted and tried to launch - no change.


      I tried system restore, None of my restore points that I have tried (auto restore points) will restore my system for what ever reason.


      Please Help with any suggestions I need this fixed soon.