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    Printing Problems


      I'm having two problems printing with Illustrator:


      1)  All of my type looks slightly pixellated.  I don't know why this is, or what to do about - it looks fine on screen, and the same type prints crisp and clear in InDesign.  It doesn't matter it the type is large or small - the pixelation effect seems to scale with the text.


      2)  I can't print borderless.  My paper option sizes include Letter, DMSIZE_MINUS_LETTER, etc, but when I use a DMSIZE it just prints the page slightly off center with the normal print borderers.  I am also having this problem with InDesign, but I can print borderless fine in Photoshop.  I should note that my paper options are different in Photoshop - Letter, Letter (Borderless), etc.  I don't know why the paper list is different between the programs, or how to change it.


      I'm using CS3 on a MacBook running 10.5.8 and I have a Canon Pixma Pro9000 printer.


      Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.


      Thank you